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What is it aBout ?


Bout is transforming group training studios nationwide with its new and innovative dual training model. 

In addition to Bout's infamous rolling circuit, we have introduced a skills and strength zone to each facility allowing us to provide more for our members. 


Dual training model:

Circuit: a Bout circuit is a 40min workout combining high-intensity interval training with functional strength & boxing. It is a program designed to challenge and develop individual capacities across all fitness elements, including strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, and coordination. Our mission is to help members become proficient in all areas of fitness that translate into day-to-day life.  Catering for all levels of fitness and abilities we have qualified trainers on hand to assist in any way. 

Strength & Skills Zone: NEW to group training facilities and an extension of our circuit is our strength and skills zone. This space provides members with the ability to undertake additional / supplementary training specific to their goals. We understand the benefits Hiit and functional training provides but also the importance of longevity and sustainability with your training. With our new and improved set up we now consider ourselves a one-stop shop to helping improve your fitness and individual needs. 



  • Anytime access

  • Trainers included 

  • No class times

  • Child friendly 

  • Strength / skills zone 

  • Personal training 

  • Flexible membership

  • New daily workout 

  • Events & Parties

  • Access to gym app & challenges  

  • Community 


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