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Starts JULY 4th SIGN UPS NOW OPEN (1).png
Starts JULY 4th SIGN UPS NOW OPEN (1).png
Starts JULY 4th SIGN UPS NOW OPEN (1).png
Starts JULY 4th SIGN UPS NOW OPEN (1).png

Personalized Nutrition Plan 

You will be given an individualized nutrition plan specific to your goals and dietary requirements at the start of the challenge. This will be updated each week if needed during your weekly check

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Unlimited Access to our facility 

Including our popular 40min circuit, where a trainer will guide you through your workout.

No set class times, full body,  new workout everyday!

Track your nutrition & habits through our new 42 days app 

The app allows you to view and track our personalized plan as well as add in your own preferences. Your trainer can view all your eating logs and will be able to track your eating and check in with you weekly.


In Body Scans and Photos to track your progress

As part of our 42 For You Challenge you will receive two body scans (start & finish) from NZ Body Scans. Improvements in your health and fitness requires the loss of any excess fat and an increase in muscle mass. Your body weight will not tell you anything about your body composition (how much fat and muscle mass you have).

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Weekly check ins

This challenge is all about education, building new habits and learning how to stay on track during those testing moments. Each week you will have an email check in with our trainers where you will go over the previous week and talk about any challenges or changes that need to be made

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Child Friendly 

Bubs times below:

MOUNT: Weekdays 8am-10am & Mon, Wed, Fri 11.30am - 1pm

PAPAMOA: All hours are child friendly at Papamoa!


Older children who can sit un attended they are more than welcome to come at any time, we have Netflix set up for them! 

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* For 6 weeks only starting from July 4th no lock in contracts

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Copy of 42 days stories.png
Copy of 42 days stories (1).png
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